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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some more old dolls

These are some of my old dolls. I will be adding a few at a time. The white pair of dolls was done for a club challenge based on the "Book of Qualities" by J. Ruth Gendler. We wrote alll the qualities from the book on slips of paper then we each drew 3 qualities. We could make one or more of the qualities as our challenge doll. Two of the qualities I drew were compassion and devotion. I used both with this mother daughter pair. The daughter is showing compassion to the bird with the broken wing. The pregnant mother shows devotion to her child.

The other doll was for another club challenge - make a doll based on a storybook. i selected "Per and the Dala Horse". It is a Scandinavian fairy tale. Part of my heritage is Finnish. The book is not Finnish but was the closest I could come. The doll is made fro the "Kiddikins" pattern by Jo Ellen. The costume is my own interpretation of the doll in the book. I made the little wooden horse with a little help from my husband and his bandsaw.

Tomorrow I am teaching a class on hat making using fur felt. This is the felt used in real hats. I have molded the felt and the class will be decorating them. I will post some of my samples after the class.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Joint Meeting Centerpieces

These are a few of the centerpieces I made for my table at the Joint Meeting. The theme for the table was "Greatest Show on Earth" I had a total of 9 dolls. Most of my pictures are blured. I did not take any before going the event and since I gave away the dolls could not do so afterwards.

The trapeze couple is at my mother-in-laws house. She was the oldest person attending the event (91 years old), so I gave her the pair. I am also showing the fire diver and acrobat on the spinning circle - it actually turns two ways - The weightlifter, girl on the elephant, clown, seal, and juggler are blurry so not included in these pictures.

The costumer from the Hult Center was the highlite of the event. Several of the girls from our doll club are taking Adele Sciortino's costuming class in August, so seeing the elaborate costumes from the ballet and opera made us all the more excited about Adele's class.


Saturday, April 12, 2008


Here are my marionettes. They are not strung in the pictures. The strings got tangled and I unstrung them and have not put them back together. Both are from the same pattern. One is needle sculpted the other is not. I did teach a class for my doll club on the one in the red sequined dress.

Two Dolls from Mary Tressler Patterns

These two dolls are from Mary Tressler patterns. The belly dancer was an entry in the Treasures of the Gypsy challenge a couple of years ago. No prizes, but was in SD&A. The other doll was from a Doll U class by Mary - Klondike Kate. The belly dancer is owned by my mother-in-law; the Klondike Kate doll is owned by a friend in California.


Patti and Deanna set up this blog. Now I have to learn to use it. I am posting some pictures for dolls I made awhile ago. Some are from last year others from a few years ago. I usually give away all my dolls. I have kept a few.

Last year I made 60 fairies (now scattered around the country) for the UFDC Region One Conference which was sponsored by Doll and Toy Craftemen of Eugene, Oregon. I am currently president of that club. The fairies were a hostess gift for those attending a paperdoll breakfast. These fairies are from my own pattern. There are 2 bodies, 3 arms and 7 legs, so a lot of mixing and matching yields dozens and dozens of one of a kind dolls.

Joint Doll Meeting

My friends Patti LaValley and Deanna Hogan set up this blog as a surprise while I was setting up the Joint Meeting yesterday. Patti and Deanna had come early and spent the night, as they have done several years prior to the Joint Meeting. They mentioned setting up a blog, but I didn't have time. I left home at 7 AM and they had a couple of hours to kill before they had to leave for the meeting. They used the time to set up the blog. Now I am supposed to add some pictures. Some of them may be old dolls because I haven't taken much of newer ones.

The Joint Meeting is an annual event put on by the local Eugene Area doll clubs. The host club this year was Doll and Toy Craftsmen, where I am currently president. The theme this year was " Going to the Movies" . Every table had a different movie as it's theme. The theme for my table was "The Greatest Show on Earth" - read 3 ring circus. Bev Hudson was my co-hostess. I made wire armature poseable small dolls as the centerpiece. Bev costumed some of them, I did the rest. Each person at our table received one of the dolls, as well as miniature popcorn boxes, cotton candy and snow cones, and a laminated circus poster that was used as a placemat.

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Little Help From My Friends

Jean's not here right now, but her very good friends Patti LaValley and Deanna Hogan have decided that she must have a blog to showcase her wonderful talents!