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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Joint Meeting Centerpieces

These are a few of the centerpieces I made for my table at the Joint Meeting. The theme for the table was "Greatest Show on Earth" I had a total of 9 dolls. Most of my pictures are blured. I did not take any before going the event and since I gave away the dolls could not do so afterwards.

The trapeze couple is at my mother-in-laws house. She was the oldest person attending the event (91 years old), so I gave her the pair. I am also showing the fire diver and acrobat on the spinning circle - it actually turns two ways - The weightlifter, girl on the elephant, clown, seal, and juggler are blurry so not included in these pictures.

The costumer from the Hult Center was the highlite of the event. Several of the girls from our doll club are taking Adele Sciortino's costuming class in August, so seeing the elaborate costumes from the ballet and opera made us all the more excited about Adele's class.



Threads of Inspiration said...

The joint meeting is a great idea and your dolls are great fun. I love the idea of each table having a different theme.

Liz in Kansas said...

Jean, your circus theme dolls are wonderful. They show really great motion. How neat for Deanna and Patti to set up your blog for you. We should all have friends like them!

Unknown said...

Hi Jean, your centerpiece pics are so cool! It was great seeing the whole thing in person!

Deanna Hogan said...

Jean, I was looking through the July 2008 issue of Soft Dolls & Animals magazine, and an invitation to submit photos of themed dolls. They're looking for "Circus Acts" and the deadline for that issue is September 16. You should send photos of your centerpiece dolls. They'd be perfect!