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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Joint Doll Meeting

My friends Patti LaValley and Deanna Hogan set up this blog as a surprise while I was setting up the Joint Meeting yesterday. Patti and Deanna had come early and spent the night, as they have done several years prior to the Joint Meeting. They mentioned setting up a blog, but I didn't have time. I left home at 7 AM and they had a couple of hours to kill before they had to leave for the meeting. They used the time to set up the blog. Now I am supposed to add some pictures. Some of them may be old dolls because I haven't taken much of newer ones.

The Joint Meeting is an annual event put on by the local Eugene Area doll clubs. The host club this year was Doll and Toy Craftsmen, where I am currently president. The theme this year was " Going to the Movies" . Every table had a different movie as it's theme. The theme for my table was "The Greatest Show on Earth" - read 3 ring circus. Bev Hudson was my co-hostess. I made wire armature poseable small dolls as the centerpiece. Bev costumed some of them, I did the rest. Each person at our table received one of the dolls, as well as miniature popcorn boxes, cotton candy and snow cones, and a laminated circus poster that was used as a placemat.

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